Galveston-Houston Families Exploring Down Syndrome
Ninth Annual
Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk Fundraiser

October 27th, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Walter Hall Park
League City, Texas
Dancing Queens - Captain: Gonzales Gina
Thank you for supporting Galveston-Houston Families Exploring Down Syndrome!

 Gina Raphaella Gonzales, age 30, Lorie Ann Karlen, age 29, and Anakaren Quiroga, age 28

To say the least, it’s encouraging story about three young ladies who enjoy fitness and nutrition. They start their day at 24 Hour Fitness Center, located in Pasadena.

Where  they do Zumba, spinning, yoga, walk on the Threadmill, and play basketball.

These girls spend two to three hours of vigorous exercise and interaction with main stream gym members 

they also attend Verne Cox Mulitpurpose recreational center.  They are also very involved in community service.

They also  Verne Cox Multipurpose Recreation Center, located as well in Pasadena,

Tx.  A faclility for use of people with disabilities.

At this time, they are getting ready for “Step-Up for Down Syndrome Walk and hopong to find charitable contributions for this event. This event can be sponsored by goong to GHFEDS.ORG and resgistar for walk. 

Any questions please call (281)736-8008


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Down Syndrome Training Project

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