Galveston-Houston Families Exploring Down Syndrome
Ninth Annual
Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk Fundraiser

October 27th, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Walter Hall Park
League City, Texas
"A" Team - Captain: Jennifer Anderson
Thank you for supporting Galveston-Houston Families Exploring Down Syndrome!

Thank you for walking for Macie and other kids that have down syndrome.  Thank you also for contributing to Galveston Houston Families Exploring Down Syndrome.  

Love, Jennifer Anderson

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Juan Mendoza
Lancey Raymundo
George Santarelli
Jennifer Anderson
MiMi Smith
Lisa Boles
Patricia Mirakian
Marta Barron
Paw Paw Smith
Jose Mendoza
Brian Ponce
Jaylene Reyes
Macie Anderson
Elizabeth Botello
Kyka Manago
Susan Jones
Betty Ponce
Jose Reyes
Keiara Manago
Art Dinicolantonio
Jeremy Manago
Brandy McClanahan
Alex Ponce
Ryan Anderson
Lisa Ivy
Cindy Ramirez
Juana Ponce
Sameh A
Paige Anderson
Maureen Dinicolantonio
Team Donors
Lancey Raymundo
Janice fontenot
Paulette Gulick
Patricia Mirakian
Ramona Carpenter
Marta Barron
Sandy Prolic
Kyle & Christie Spencer
Char Kainer and Family
Elizabeth Stum
Art and Maureen
Motu Truck Stop
Leffage Family
Jesse and Christina Salinas
Juana Ponce
Aunt Amberlee Uncle Derek and Asher
Gwen Mulkey
Ann, Steve and Kylie
Texas Outlaw Challenge
Thank You To Our Sponsors
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